Newspaper Preservation Grant Finalist

Michigan Digital Newspaper Preservation Grant 2021 Finalists

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I am happy to announce that the Diocese of Saginaw Archives has been selected as one of four finalists for the Michigan Digital Newspaper Preservation Grant! The Diocese of Saginaw Archives has worked hard at putting together a strong application for the digital preservation grant and will continue to work hard to ensure success in providing historical value in the diocesan community.

What does this all mean?

I’m glad you asked. The Michigan Digital Newspaper Preservation Grant, or DigMich for short, is an opportunity to have local, regional, and specialized newspapers, based in Michigan, digitized and made available for general consumption. In this case, the Diocese of Saginaw Archives (DoSA) has nominated the Catholic Weekly newspaper, through the bound volume collection. The DoSA has put forth an initial nomination from the years 1942 to 1960, with just under 10,000 pages being eligible for scanning and microfilming. The work is done by the wonderful team at the Clarke Historical Library on Central Michigan University’s campus in Mt. Pleasant. While DoSA plans to eventually have all of our volumes up and available, this is a fantastic starting point for us and provides a ton of relief for our office. If selected, our chosen bound volumes will become unbound, sent to the Clarke Historical Library, microfilmed and scanned, and returned back to our archive. DoSA is up against some heavy hitters, however, so we don’t expect this to be easy.

So, wait, we’re only finalists?

Yes. The grant comes in two parts. First is the initial application, in which several members of an advisory committee selects the top four (some years five) finalists to be considered for the grant. Then the second phase, which is actually where we as a diocese play a huge factor in. During a precise time period, we have the opportunity to vote our diocese to be selected for DigMich grant, including by means of Twitter and by a mail-in alternative. Then, when we reach the deadline, the votes will be tallied and a winner announced shortly thereafter.

Okay. So is there anything I can do to help?

As a matter of fact, there is. If you would like to see our diocesan history come alive and accessible to colleagues, friends, and fellow parishioners, then please consider voting for our diocese. If you decide to vote via Twitter, all you have to do is make a tweet with the hashtag #DigDioceseOfSaginaw between March 22 and March 28, 2021. For example, you can tweet “Go #DigDioceseOfSaginaw Help us win the @DigMichNews grant by using this hashtag.” Each time a user sends a tweet, it counts as one (1) vote for us.

You can, however, also send in a postcard to the Clarke Historical Library, at 250 E. Preston St., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859. There are a few stipulations to this route, however. One, the postcard must include a Michigan image on it. Two, written on the postcard, one must include the #DigDioceseOfSaginaw. And three, the postcard must be postmarked no earlier than March 15 and no later than March 21, 2021. The Clarke Historical Library will accept mail-in ballots until March 28, 2021. If you do take this route, however, it should be noted that all postcards mailed in equal that of ten (10) votes!

Need a post card? You can click here to download and print a prepared postcard of our Cathedral for printing on post card grade paper.

I voted! Is there anything else I can do to help?

Actually, you can! One of the best ways to help us obtain more votes is to spread the word of this project to friends and family. Not everyone is subscribed to our newsletters or gets notifications from our social media pages, so it’s on us to make sure that we fill in the gaps where needed.

Anything beyond that?

If you voted #DigDioceseOfSaginaw, and spread the word of our project, then all we can do is sit back and wait for the results to come in. The winner will be announced no later than April 2, 2021.