Petition Drive to Prohibit Dismemberment Abortion

Dismemberment abortion is a particularly gruesome second trimester abortion procedure. It requires an unborn child to be dismembered limb by limb inside the mother’s womb. This petition drive, operating under the committee named Michigan Values Life, is organized by Right to Life of Michigan and is supported by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC). It will propose a ban on dismemberment abortion for the Michigan Legislature to consider, once the signatures of approximately 400,000 registered voters are submitted to the state within 180 days of when the petition drive begins. The petition drive has officially begun and is expected to be completed in January of 2020.

Click here to learn more about the petition drive on the Michigan Catholic Conference website.

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For more information or support, you may contact Lori Becker, Respect Life Coordinator at 989-797-6652 or  

2019 Petition Initiative Documents