College Scholarships available through CCFMM

The Office of Catholic Schools is pleased to partner with the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan (CCFMM) to offer the following scholarship opportunities.

We have received reports of issues with scholarship submissions. Please email scholarship applications with proof that you tried to submit by the deadline to the email address:   

Application submission deadline for all scholarships: 11:59 p.m., Monday, January 18, 2021

  • Recipients will be announced in April of 2021

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, the superintendent of Catholic Schools (when appropriate). Recommendations of the selection committee(s) must be approved by the CCFMM's Grant Committee as well as by the CCFMM Board prior to any distribution.

Recipients will be announced in April of 2020.

Disbursements from advised funds require approval from the donor designated advisor / advisees. The CCFMM cannot guarantee that each advised fund will have annual distributions. Applicants are welcome to apply for any/all advised funds in the event funding is/becomes available.

The summary description below lists some, but not all, of the eligibility requirements.  Full eligibility requirements can be found listed on the scholarship applications.

All Saints Central Scholarships

The Lori Stillwell Memorial Scholarship - $500  
All Saints Senior who was involved in extracurricular activities and is enrolled in Health or Education curriculum.

General Scholarships

The Fr. Robert G. Navarre College Scholarship - $1000 (renewable)
Any Catholic Senior

The Regina Graveline Family Fund For Catholic Education (Advised)
Commitment to learning Catholic Faith and practicing it through service projects, mission work, scholastic accomplishment, financial need and grade point average.

The Joshua Robert Jasman Fund (Advised)
A Senior from Bay County

The LeFevre & Rokita Families Catholic College Scholarship Fund - $1000 for up to 4 years of college
A Catholic High School Senior or home schooled senior attending an approved Catholic College who practices their faith.

Nouvel Specific Scholarships

The Bob Logan Memorial Scholarship - $500
Nouvel Senior who will major or minor in music and participated in music in High School

The Craig Siler "Capped" Scholarship - $250
Nouvel Senior who participated in music or performing arts all four years with a cumulative GPA of 3.0

The Val and Julie Kostrzewa Nouvel  Scholarship (“Capped”) - $500
Nouvel Senior

The Larry J. Oswald "Capped" Memorial Scholarship - $250
Nouvel Senior who maintained GPA of 3.0 and demonstrates financial need.

The Maria Elizabeth Paquette Memorial Scholarship for the Advancement of Life ("Capped") - $100
Nouvel Senior (who attend the high school for at least 2 years) 

The Scott Dangel "Capped" Scholarship Endowment Fund - $500
Nouvel Senior who exhibits athletic ability and is working up to his/her full potential academically.

The Shannan Marie Thompson Memorial Scholarship ("Capped") - $1,000
Nouvel Senior

The Timothy Horny Nouvel Baseball Scholarship - $400
Nouvel Senior who participated in 4 years of baseball

The Fr. E. C. LeFevre College Scholarship - $2,000
Nouvel Senior

The Patrick Ackerman Scholarship "Capped" - $300
Nouvel Senior who maintained a “B” average or better for all four years AND participated in student life.

The Rod Luplow Memorial Scholarship "Capped" - $1,000
Nouvel Senior who participated in Nouvel’s Football and maintained a 3.0 through four years of school.

Cesario Hernandez Memorial Scholarship "Advised" - $1,000
Nouvel Senior pursuing Medical, Civil Engineer, or Computer Science/Engineering degree.

St. Thomas Aquinas Slominski Scholarship  ("Capped") - $2,000
Nouvel Elementary Graduate and a Graduate from any Saginaw County High School.

Parish Specific

The Berberovich Memorial Fund - $3,000
Nouvel Senior or graduate who is a member of St Thomas Aquinas Parish.