Marriage Preparation Workshop


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The Marriage Prep Workshop Information is below.

We're offering a Marriage Preparation Workshop on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Center for Ministry in Saginaw. 

The day will consist of presentations by married couples and Fr. Andy LaFramboise on the following topics:

  • Sacrament of Marriage and Catholic wedding ceremony
  • Family of Origin - what you bring into your marriage from your parents and how you were raised
  • A personal story shared by one of the couples - their journey dating, wedding, and early years as a couple/parents
  • The 5 Love languages - how to respond to each other in a way that resonates with who they are
  • The 4 Temperaments - to better understand your personalities and how to respond based on those
  • Conflict management/problem solving - from finances to chores, Holidays, extended family, leisure, & communication
  • Intimacy and Natural Family Planning - how to connect, share, and go deeper in your relationship as a couple

For registration and details, please contact Beth Bauer, Coordinator of Marriage & Family Life Ministry for the Diocese of Saginaw at 989-797-6655 or