Offices and Ministries

Office of the Bishop

Bishop Robert Gruss is the spiritual leader of the Diocese of Saginaw.


Repository for records and artifacts that reflect the history of the Diocese of Saginaw. Supports the informational needs of the Diocese and its community.

Catholic Cemeteries

Provides a holy, dignified, and prayerful place of burial that helps the Catholic community see death as a bridge to the Communion of Saints

Catholic School Education Office

Transforms our communities into centers of faith, hope and charity by providing excellent Catholic school education 

Center for Ministry

First-rate conference center where gatherings, meetings and retreats take place. 

Child and Youth Protection

We are committed to comply with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People


Shares news, information and inspiring stories of the diocese. Oversees, FAITH Saginaw magazine, media relations and more.


Supports and educates all people to gratefully receive and share God’s gifts.

Facilities and Construction Services

Maintains and oversees all diocesan properties and building projects, and assists parishes with specific needs 

Faith and Catechist Formation

Supports parishes and Catholic schools as they carry out fruitful Faith Formation, foster encounter with Jesus Christ, and accompany others on their journey of faith.

Faith Magazine

This award-winning quarterly publication shares stories of faith and inspiration across the diocese. Read current and past issues here.

Human Resources

Attracts and retains employees for the diocese, parishes, schools and affiliated organizations for service to the Church of Saginaw 

Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Coordinates, develops, and oversees the diocesan Lay Ministry Formation Program which educates and prepares individuals to respond to God's call to serve  

Marriage and Family

Provides resources for healthy and holy relationships in marriage and family life, including Marriage Preparation, Natural Family Planning and more


Works to promote social justice and proclaim the gospel through prayer, education, sacrifice, and financial support

Multicultural Ministry

Promotes full participation and integration of all cultures in the life of the Church

Office of Administrative Services

Office of Administrative Services includes:

Parish Administration
Office of Property & Facilities
Center for Ministry
Office of Human Services

Office of Chancellor and Canonical & Civil Affairs

Office of Chancellor and Canonical & Civil Affairs includes:

Office of Child & Youth Protection

Office of Chief of Staff

Office of Chief of Staff includes:

Office of Communications
Office of Stewardship & Development

Office of Diocesan Outreach

This page is under construction.

Office of Finance

Office of Finance includes:

Office of Accounting
Information Technology Services
Parish Finance Outreach

Office of Judicial Vicar and Tribunal

Provides justice for all persons who approach the Church's court system for a declaration of nullity (annulment) or other process

Office of Liturgy

Provides formation and resources to assist and engage the Church of Saginaw in the promotion of liturgical renewal

Office of Parish Life & Evangelization

The Office of Parish Life and Evangelization encompasses all the ministerial offices in the Diocese of Saginaw. This office focuses on ministering and serving parishes, being a resource and providing training as needed.

Office of Stewardship & Development

Office of Stewardship & Development includes:

Christ Mission Appeal
Special Events

Office of Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia

Office of Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia includes: Office of Permanent Diaconate, Office of Seminarians, Office of Vocations, Office of Ecumenism, Ministry to Priests and the Theologian.

Permanent Diaconate

Assists permanent deacons with on-going formation and oversees the formation of new permanent deacons.

Priesthood Vocations

Helps to create an environment and culture for priestly vocations to flourish 

Respect Life

Works to instill respect and uphold and promote the dignity for human life as a sacred gift from God


Assists parishes in their efforts to educate and inspire their community about stewardship as a way of life 

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Provides training and resources for parish Youth Ministers as they encourage and support our young people toward missionary discipleship