Office of Multicultural Ministry

The Office of Multicultural Ministry acts on behalf of the Bishop of Saginaw to promote full participation and integration of Hispanics in the life of the Church. In ongoing prayer, this office attentively listens to the Word of God, the Church teachings and the experiences of the Hispanic people in order to do the following: 

  • Serve as a resource to pastors and pastoral agents serving the Hispanic Catholic community through networking
  • Serve as an instrument of spiritual, pastoral and human growth – especially in areas of social justice
  • Identify resources, respond to the needs, promote the strengths, and overcome the weaknesses of Hispanic Ministry
  • Foster commitment to, and create awareness, of the meaning of the Hispanic presence in the United States of America among diocesan offices, parishes, schools, other institutions and community in general, through an effective, direct or mediated communication, positive testimony and fraternal participation
  • Represent the Diocese of Saginaw and serve as a liaison to regional and national offices for Hispanic Ministry
  • Coordinate and evaluate the Diocesan Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry in parishes of the Diocese of Saginaw

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