We have several memorials to choose from. We can design almost anything you would like.  We are able to place markers and monuments in other cemeteries in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Please contact one of our offices for more information.

10 Reasons why your memorial should be purchased from the Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Saginaw:


  1. Your Catholic Cemetery is perpetual - it will always be in business.    
  2. Your Catholic Cemetery has trained counselors who are familiar with your lot and its requirements.    
  3. Your Catholic Cemetery purchases your memorial directly from the manufacturer - there are no middlemen.    
  4. Your Catholic Cemetery will be sure that only the best material is used for your memorial, because it must be concerned with the appearance and upkeep of the cemetery.    
  5. Your Catholic Cemetery knows you. You have dealt with us before or during your time of loss.    
  6. Your Catholic Cemetery applies the proceeds from your memorial purchase to continued beautification of the cemetery.    
  7. Your Catholic Cemetery takes every precaution to protect your memorial against vandalism.    
  8. Your Catholic Cemetery has personnel who are trained to efficiently handle your memorial placement. Your Catholic Cemetery is responsible if there is any damage in placement of memorials purchased through the Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Saginaw.    
  9. Your Catholic Cemetery handles your future needs directly through our own office.    
  10. Your Catholic Cemetery has assumed the responsibility of caring for your loved one's grave. It's only natural that you should place your memorial under the same personal care and attention it deserves.