Thoughts and Guidance from Bishop Gruss

Recently, Bishop Gruss has given guidance to the faithful during this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic. Below are helpful words of encouragement and advice.

Some Things to Consider

"Yes, these are extraordinary times for all of us. It is important to remain in prayer with one another and in union with Jesus at the cross. From the cross flows the grace, faith, hope and love necessary to help us during this time." (Letter- March 16)

"This action of suspending all public Masses flows from the Catholic Church’s essential belief in the preciousness of every human life." (Letter- March 16)

"Catholics are encouraged to offer up their sickness or pastoral care for the sake of those who are seriously ill and for those who have died." (Letter- March 13)

Participate in a Spiritual Communion

"I would also invite you to participate in a Spiritual Communion with the Body of Christ in the Diocese. This can be done by taking time for personal prayer - the rosary or other types of prayer or viewing the Cathedral Mass livestream each day. You may also consider reading Sacred Scripture and having conversations of faith with your family as ways to keep the Lord's day." (Letter- March 13)

Practice the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy

"In the midst of this crisis, it is important for parish communities to look for ways to practice the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy, for example: making phone calls to shut-ins and offering consolation or bringing groceries to the homebound, etc. " (Letter- March 16)

Intensify Your Prayer

"I ask that together we all intensify our prayer during this current situation. With the suspension of public Masses, it is an important and opportune time for the family to come together in prayer and reflection. The Diocese will provide resources to assist you in the coming days." (Letter- March 16)

"As a reminder, on January 1, 2020, we entrusted the Diocese of Saginaw to our Blessed Mother. In the midst of this crisis, we continue to ask her to be our help and protector. I invite you to join me in calling upon Our Lady of the Assumption, Patroness of the Diocese of Saginaw, to enfold all of us, our Diocese and our world into her mantle of love and mercy. That through her intercession we all will be kept safe from this coronavirus and that those who have it may be led to a great healing." (Letter- March 16)

Prayer to the Virgin Mary for Protection

I ask that we include in our prayers

  • For those who are suffering from the current outbreak of disease, and for those who have died from this disease in recent weeks.
  • For those who provide care to others – those in health care, in homes caring for those who are infirm or dying, for child care providers, for all emergency workers, to name a few. 
  • For the priests who assist the sick and dying, that we may extend the love of Christ to those in need. (Letter- March 9)