Finding Intimate Union with Jesus

It has sometimes been said that the Catholic Church is like a stained glass window. If a person looks at it from the outside, it is easy to wonder: "What's the big deal?" It is only when you come inside and glimpse the radiant light shining through the multi-colored work of art that you can appreciate the true beauty.

Likewise, people who are not Catholic often have questions about why Catholics do what they do or why they believe in teachings that other Christians do not, such as the actual presence of Jesus in Holy Communion (for almost 2000 years, the Church has professed that it is really the Lord who comes to us disguised as bread and wine, as these quotes from a 1st century martyr show). Click here to learn more about some Catholic teachings which are often misunderstood or are considered by some to be controversial. 

If you want the most intimate union possible with Jesus this side of heaven, the Catholic Church warmly invites you to consider becoming Catholic.