First Communion Retreat for Children

Walk #1 - Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32)
---With each walk through Scripture, your child(ren) will first listen to the Scripture passage. Together, you and your child(ren) will explore a couple of questions, child(ren) first and then you:

  1. Who does the father in the story represent?
  2. What are some of the things the father does?
  3. What does it feel like to have mom/dad forgive you?
  4. Have you ever acted like either one of the sons?
  5. How about the prodigal son… What did you hear about him?

As parent, talk to your child about Reconciliation. Ask if your child has any concerns, fears, questions. After taking these, share some of your own experiences with Reconciliation. This can be a wonderful opportunity to connect in regards to the faith with parent-child.

Walk #2 - Last Supper (Lk 22:7-38, Mt 26:17-30, Mk 14:22-26)
---Choose one of the above passages and read the passage together. Look online for some of the great artwork surrounding this Last Supper scene (Google Michelangelo or Leonardo Last Supper). Look at these pieces together and talk about the expressions and postures of Jesus and the Apostles.  Ask you child what each person might be thinking.  Ask them what they would have thought if they were at the last supper.
---Project (Choose one to do):

  • Make a First Communion banner. Using felt, a banner that includes your child’s name, a host, a chalice, a cross, and other Eucharistic symbols, hot glue the felt pieces to a felt banner and connect a string up top so the work can be hung and displayed.
  • Write a letter to Jesus.  Have your child write a letter to Jesus about why they are excited to be able to recieve the Eucharist this year. 
  • Color a Last Supper.  Google a Last Supper coloring page and have them color it in.  
  • Other ideas: Do something else that will hlep your child think about what they will be doing.  Have a great idea email it to Peg McEvoy

Clean-up and Snack Break

Walk # 3 - Experiencing the Eucharist
If you have FORMED (subscription through your parish or you can get a free subscription for a limited time) watch the following:
Brother Francis - The Bread of Life
Or you can watch: 
Blessed First Communion: The Real Presence
AND watch:
The Veil Removed
After: Go on a walk with your child (this will both help to have some activity, but also make it easier to have a conversation instead of making this feel like it is teaching them). Talk to your child about the Eucharist and the Mass. Share with them your understandings and what you are still learning about the Mass and the Eucharist. Talk about the importance of going to Church each Sunday and how giving praise and worship to God is the most important thing that we can do. By showing God this act of love, He meets us in the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of His Son Jesus Christ and gives us the grace of communion with God by entering our body. With Jesus within us, we can go out and be like Jesus in how we love and help others. After sharing this, have your child share with you the ways that he/she can be like Jesus at home, at school, when playing with friends, etc.
Close with the Our FatherHail Mary, and Glory Be