I Don't Get to Mass Much

The Catholic Church always welcomes you with open arms, wanting you to experience love and acceptance in the Catholic Church.

Going to Mass is meant to be a matter of love, not a burden. Imagine there is someone in your life who loves you unconditionally and has given you everything you have – and what they ask is that you spend at least one hour a week together? The Catholic Faith is really a love story.  As St. John tells us in his Gospel, “God is love.” God loves us through and through. He has not only given us every gift we possess in life, he has given us the gift to exist. The reason the Church asks that we go to Mass on Sundays, and certain Holy Days, is a matter of love. The  sacrifice of Christ on the Cross – that supreme act of Divine Love – is truly made present to us whenever we go to Mass! And when we receive the Lord, who is actually present in Holy Communion, we unite ourselves with the One who is infinite love. Mass, therefore, is meant to offer us spiritual nourishment for our journey in life.

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