Bishop Gruss: 'Jesus looks over the State of Michigan and weeps' 

“Today, Jesus looks over the State of Michigan and weeps. We weep with him. Enshrining the right to take the life of an unborn child into our state constitution is an abomination to him. 

“With deep sadness in our hearts, we acknowledge the reality that a majority of Michigan voters have embraced, as a fundamental right, taking the life of an unborn child in the womb through all 9 months of pregnancy and taking away parental rights in the process.   

“Although this is a heartbreaking and difficult defeat, and a setback in our defense of the unborn, we will not be discouraged nor deterred from defending life at all stages.  

“We are an Easter People. It looked like complete defeat on Good Friday, but the reality of Jesus' Resurrection teaches us that, in the end, life prevails.  

“I want to thank everyone, from across many Christian denominations and from other religions, who came together and worked tirelessly to be a voice for the rights of women and children, born and unborn. We will continue to work together to uphold the dignity of human life, and to embrace more than ever the urgent ministry of supporting and walking with moms in need.  

“Any women experiencing a crisis pregnancy can receive help and support through our Walking with Moms in Need Ministry and through partnership with several pregnancy centers that defend life. We also minister to women who need healing following an abortion, through our Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats. For more information, contact Lori Becker, Coordinator of Diocesan Outreach by clicking here.    

“Every single life has a purpose and a plan in the heart and mind of God. Let us continue to pray that hearts be converted and that the God-given right to life at all stages be recognized for all persons.”