Bishop Gruss: 'Our holiness is never farther than the presence of another person'

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The message of love for one another was central to Bishop Robert Gruss’ homily message during the monthly First Friday Mass at the Cathedral.

“Jesus said, ‘I give you a new commandment.’ Who can tell me what that is?” he asked the more than 300 gathered.

“Love one another,” they shared aloud.

“As I have loved you,” Bishop Gruss completed.

“If we get up every morning asking the Lord, ‘Help me to love like you …’ write that on your mirror, ‘Lord help me to love like you,’ it’ll be challenging. You’ll be surprised who the Lord will bring to you to love ...”

During the season of Lent, he said, we have an opportunity to reflect and pray on how well we are living our lives from a place of love within us.

“Our holiness is never farther than the presence of another person. Think about that!

“Who comes into the sound of my voice, or the glance of my face, or the action of my hands? Our holiness is measured in our reactions to people, and it comes from a desire to love. That’s the new law.”

A starting place can be the family community, where we learn what kind of heart is necessary to embrace this command.

“The Lord will help us to grow to a maturity of heart where our capacity to love and accept others widens.”  

In sharing this, Bishop Gruss gave the example of Jesus’ and his love for the Father … a love that accepted even death on a cross.

“And now my dear friends, this very love is offered to us here in this Holy Eucharist. Through it may our capacity to love widen and deepen following the example of the One who first loved us.”