Bishop Gruss Shares Message with Students During Visit: "Holiness is Possible."


Students at All Saints Central in Bay City had a special visitor on Wednesday, March 11.

"I wish I had time for more of these types of days," said Bishop Robert Gruss.

The Bishop spent the morning celebrating Mass with the entire school community (preschool - 12th grade) and then visited a number of classrooms.

"I liked how the Bishop spent so much time in our class," fourth grade student Brenner said.

Henry, a fellow classmate, shared something similar, "It was exciting having the Bishop with us. I liked when he said do not be a photocopy, just be yourself."

"I thought it was very interesting hearing about Bishop's life before becoming a priest," Marc said. 

Bishop Gruss began the day by celebrating Mass for all the students. He also spent time praying with many students in the parish's Adoration chapel.

"It was such a joy being with the All Saints Catholic School community, " Bishop Gruss said. "The Mass was a wonderful celebration, and my time in the classrooms with the young folks was a real blessing. I loved their enthusiasm and their questions."

The students also enjoyed hearing from Bishop Gruss. 

"I liked when Bishop told us the best defense against the devil was the rosary," fourth grade student Arabella said.
"The Bishop was very interested in what we were doing in math class ... and he asked a lot of questions," said Lauren, a senior at All Saints Central Middle/High School. 

During his homily at Mass, Bishop Gruss spoke about the lives of two exemplary young people.

He mentioned St. José Sanchez Del Río, a 15 year old boy who was martyred during the early 1900’s in Mexico. Bishop Gruss spoke about Del Rio’s courage in opposing a government that was hostile to the Catholic faith.

Bishop Gruss also spoke of Venerable Carlo Acutis who was 15 years old at the time of his death in 2006. Carlo had great devotion to the Eucharist and used social media to compile information about Eucharistic miracles all over the world.

Bishop Gruss said Carlo never missed Mass after receiving his First Communion at age seven. Carlo was declared Venerable in 2018.

“Both young saints were willing to be disciples of Jesus to the point of death," Bishop Gruss said. "They willingly accepted the Chalice of suffering and united themselves to the mystery of Christ’s cross ... and they were only 15 years old. They show us that holiness is possible.”  


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