Bishop Gruss wants us to ask Jesus, 'Is my relationship with you what you want for me? Or, do you have something more?'

SAGINAW — At the heart of Bishop Robert Gruss’ ministry in the Diocese of Saginaw is leading others to a personal encounter with Jesus.

His homily messages and teachings continue to challenge those who hear him to reflect on the priority given in their own lives to growing in a deeper relationship with the Lord. 

“How many of you woke up today thinking about Jesus?” Bishop Gruss asked. “I’m inviting you to think about your relationship with Jesus in a very serious way. Ask Jesus, ‘Lord Jesus, is my relationship with you what you want for me? Or, do you have something more?’ If you never ask the question, you will never get the answer.” 

Today, during the monthly gathering for First Fridays (celebrated on the second Friday this month) at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption in Saginaw, Bishop Gruss offered Mass for the more than 300 people gathered and their intentions. 

Preaching on the Gospel of the day, Luke 5:33-39, Bishop Gruss said it is through our intimate relationship with Jesus that our hearts are formed and we become the most authentic version of ourselves. What we present on the outside begins to mirror what is found on the inside.


“What happens when things look good on the outside but the heart is empty of true life? Jesus will bring our outward appearance and our inner disposition into harmony with each other. Jesus offers that to you and me.” 

Following Mass, Bishop Gruss led an informal presentation in the lower level of the Cathedral over lunch (see photo below). He shared his priestly vocation story, including the history of his faith journey, and encouraged others to reflect on their own faith journeys, too.

The conversation with Bishop Gruss will continue on the first Friday of November, which also is the feast of All Saints’ Day. All are invited to Mass at 11 a.m. on November 1 at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption, followed by noon meatless lunch for $7 and an informal presentation by Bishop Gruss.