Bishop Robert Gruss' statement regarding his talk on forgiveness and unforgiveness

In a recent talk on Forgiveness and Unforgiveness, my comments about the president of the United States were taken out context. I was speaking in the context of forgiving the president and any people in government who offend us by their words and actions – that we cannot harbor resentment toward them because in doing so, it would be sinful. We must forgive them if we are to be free. You can find the whole talk online to understand what was really said.  

I used the word “stupid” in reference to President Biden, recognizing that it was poor judgment in my choice of words. It was not meant to be disparaging, and I apologize. 

I will continue to pray for the president and all political leaders, that they may seek and be guided by the Spirit of Truth. I encourage people of all faiths and goodwill to pray for our great nation.

Bishop Robert Gruss


Please see the full video below