Free Online Eucharistic Revival Conference

WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 22 to Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022    WHERE: Online and on demand   

Join Gregory Popcak, Gloria Purvis, Hosffman Ospino, Tim O’Malley and many more for a free online Eucharistic Revival Conference! The Catholic Church in the United States has entered a three-year Eucharistic Revival – and by registering for this free virtual conference you’ll discover... 

* How you and your family might make the most out of this season of Eucharistic Revival 

* What it means to be a truly Eucharistic people 

* The intention behind the larger revival in the Universal Church, and how you might discern your part 

* How to be Eucharistic in your school, parish, homes, and family 

* Ways that you can become a catalyst for inspiring a hunger for the Eucharist in those closest to you 

* How becoming a Eucharistic People can transform the way we evangelize in today’s Church 

COST: Free