New Measures for Protecting God’s Children

In a communication to parish and school leaders on July 16, Bishop Walter Hurley, Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Saginaw, announced policy enhancements for the protection of children and vulnerable adults in the diocese. Criminal background checks will be renewed every six years. Fingerprinting in the schools has been expanded beyond those mandated by state law. And, all employees of the diocese and volunteers who have regular contact with minors must be retrained in a child protection program every three years.

“These changes represent our steadfast and ongoing commitment to safeguard children, and we will not waver in our efforts to ensure the safety of minors and all those entrusted to our care,” Bishop Hurley said. “We call upon the Faithful to continue to pray for healing.”

The new measures were recommended by the Diocesan Review Board, which is comprised of individuals who have broad expertise beneficial to the protection of children.

Acknowledging the importance and vigilance in child protection, the clergy of the Diocese of Saginaw recently participated in VIRTUS re-training. VIRTUS (Protecting God’s Children) promotes awareness of the signs of child sexual abuse, the means by which offenders commit abuse, and steps one can use to prevent child abuse.

A copy of Bishop Hurley’s memo to parish and school leaders can be found here.