St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic School celebrates 100 years of education and faith


Catholic education has a long history in Midland. St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic School kicked off the celebration of their centennial with a Hall of History in Midland. Alumni, parishioners, students and families gathered to reminisce about their experiences at St. Brigid, learn about its past and look forward to its future. 

“Our Hall of History [provided] a great picture of our school over the last 100 years,” said Laura Wilkowski, who has served as St. Brigid’s principal since 2018. “While there have been many changes, each change brought students what they needed to grow in faith, in service and in their education.” 

The Hall of History also included alumni profiles, showcasing the many ways a Catholic school education benefitted its graduates. Visitors could view newspaper articles and artifacts from the past century, such as a brick from the original school and children’s missals, as well as photographs and materials from recent years. 

“It reminds us that our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the community, students, and staff while maintaining what is central to our faith can sustain us through anything,” Mrs. Wilkowski said. “We look forward to the start of our next hundred years!” 

“Catholic education has been a major component of our parish mission for a century," said Father Andy Booms, pastor of St. Brigid of Kildare Parish. “While we are enjoying the rich history, we are also working to make sure that a Catholic education is part of the blessed future of our parish.” 

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