Urgent need for prayers for peace in the Holy Land

As tragic details continue to emerge in Hamas’ recent terror attack on Israel communities, Bishop Gruss expresses an urgent need for prayers for all who are being deeply impacted by the Gaza–Israel conflict. 

"It is with immense sadness in our hearts that we continue to learn the unimaginable horrors of Friday’s attack, the extent of suffering, the tragic loss of human life, and the ensuing humanitarian crisis," said Bishop Robert Gruss. “There is an urgent need to pray for peace and for all our brothers and sisters, young and old, who are caught in the middle of the violence.”   

Bishop Gruss shares the statement of the U.S. Bishops’ International Justice and Peace Chairman, Bishop David Malloy:

On October 7, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, the world watched the operation launched from Gaza and the rapid call to arms from Israel that ensued. Almost 50 years to the day of the launch of the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, once again war is spilling out in the Holy Land. With it brings the mounting casualties and hostilities unfolding on all sides, and increased threats to the Status Quo of the Holy Places among Jews, Muslims, and Christians further dimming any hope for peace. 

The world is once again shocked and horrified by the outbreak of ferocious violence in the Holy Land. Reports have surfaced indicating large numbers of wounded and dead, including many civilians.  

I join with Pope Francis in his call for peace and his condemnation of this widespread outbreak of violence. As he stated in his Sunday audience, ‘May the attacks and weaponry cease. Please! And let it be understood that terrorism and war do not lead to any resolutions, but only to the death and suffering of so many innocent people.’ 

May all who love the Holy Land seek to bring about among all the parties engaged in the fighting a cessation of violence, respect for civilian populations and the release of hostages. 

As we pray urgently for peace, we recall especially all the families and individuals suffering from these events.  We call on the faithful, and all people of good will to not grow weary and to continue to pray for peace in the land Our Lord, the Prince of Peace, called home.