Positive Signs

To be precise, a man only “knows” he is called when he is ordained! However, there are many positive signs that can point to a vocation, and which can help a man make the decision to enter the seminary and continue along the path towards the priesthood. Some of them are listed below:

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is important to me.

  • People have told me I would make a good priest.

  • I have a hidden collection of vocational material 

  • Going to Mass and Adoration is a very important part of my faith life.

  • The thought of becoming a priest keeps coming back over and over again.

  • I’m afraid to tell my friends and family that I’ve been thinking about the priesthood.

  • I feel called to give more of myself to others.

  • After hearing the readings at Mass, I think about how I would preach.

  • I have a burning desire to help people get closer to Christ and to know the Truth.

  • I have a strong sense that what I have planned for the future is not what God has planned for me.