Priests' Retirement

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Giving back to those who have given throughout their lives

Weddings, Baptisms, First Communions, deaths of loved ones. 
In all of these life moments – a priest was present.

Our diocesan priests dedicate their entire careers serving parishes and the families within them. They do this as their vocation – willingly. They trust that God will provide for them in their later years. 

Your donation to this collection will help provide for the growing number of priests who are eligible for retirement today and in the future. Your gift ensures that they will be cared for in their retirement years.

Giving to the Diocese of Saginaw Priests’ Retirement Fund

  • Special envelopes for this collection are included in your parish giving envelopes or at your parish
  • You can donate via cash, check or credit card
  • Please make checks payable to your parish

Click here to donate. 

or, call Geri Rudolf at 989-797-6679 or email her.

How the fund works

Gifts to the Priests’ Retirement Fund go directly to the priests’ pension plan, where it is invested and held in a trust account. The pension plan provides for the monthly pension and medical benefits of the currently retired diocesan priests. The account also will fund the retirement of priests who actively serve the diocese now.

Did you know?

  • More than 50 diocesan priests currently are receiving distributions from the retirement fund
  • More than a dozen retired priests remain in active ministry in the diocese
  • A diocesan priest typically spends more than 40 years in active ministry before retirement