Protecting Children

Parents and guardians need to remember that they have a tremendous responsibility to safeguard the eyes and hearts of their children. One study estimates that nine out of 10 children between the ages of 8 and 16 have viewed pornography on the internet, in most cases unintentionally. Thus, having an internet filter such as NetNanny on computers, tablets and cell phones is essential, as is setting controls on social media and on cable or satellite television channels. These steps are important to take, even if we feel we have shared high moral values with our children.

Otherwise, if we allow access to the internet and TV without any safeguards, it is equal to allowing them to browse the shelves of an adult bookstore. The difference, though, is that pornography on the internet is virtually limitless. In 2003, there were 260 million pages of pornographic content online much of it available for free. Monitoring children's use of social media such as FaceBook and Snapchat is also essential, since the danger of them being sexually solicited through the internet is very real. According to a 2005 statistic, one in seven children who use the internet have been sexually solicited.