Stanislaus Albert Bur

Stanislaus A. Bur Phote

Name: Stanislaus Albert Bur

Date of Birth: September 7, 1920

Date of Ordination for Grand Rapids: June 3, 1950

Incardinated into Diocese of Saginaw: July 20, 1971

Previous primary assignments:

Assistant Pastor, St. Adalbert, Grand Rapids: June 1950 – July 1950

Assistant Pastor, St. Philomena, Beal City: July 1950 – Aug. 1950

Assistant Pastor, St. Rose of Lima, Hastings                      

Pastor, St. Joseph the Worker, Beal City: Aug. 1970 – April 1973

Pastor, St. Edward, Kinde; St. Felix, Pinnebog: April 1973 – May 1974

Pastor, St. Valentine, Beaver: May 1974 – July 1983

Retired from Ministry: July 1983

Suspended from ministry: October 1992

Permanent suspension of faculties (Assigned to a Life of Prayer and Penance and public ministry is forbidden): November 2005

Died: February 1, 2009


The Church assigns priests to a life of prayer and penance where they are not suited to dismissal due to age or infirmity.