Child and Youth Protection Communications Policy

The director of communication will serve as the spokesperson for the Diocese of Saginaw and as a resource to parishes in the areas of communication, media relations and crisis management.

The director of communication is to be notified of all media inquiries or contacts regarding matters of a significant nature prior to responding to such requests.

In its commitment to openness and honesty, the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw will share information about incidents of sexual abuse of a minor by clergy or diocesan personnel as required by the United States Catholic Conference National Charter for the Protection of Children and Young Adults and the Essential Norms, the Diocesan Policy on the Sexual Abuse of Minors, and in compliance with Michigan law and Canon law.

Once the processes outlined in our Diocesan Policy on the Sexual Abuse of Minors are in action and there is sufficient evidence that sexual abuse of a minor has occurred, the following communication procedures occur:

  1. Director of Communication is designated as the spokesperson.
  2. Pertinent information is shared with parishes and the public (media) in a timely manner and in accordance with the civil and canonical rights of all persons involved.
  3. The message conveyed must be clear and consistent and must articulate concern for all those who have been hurt by the situation, with a commitment to proceed in a pastoral and just manner.