St Agnes Parish Eucharistic Procession

On June 2, 2024, St Agnes Parish will be having our own Eucharistic Procession, singing and praying as we walk through the streets of Freeland. We are inviting the broader community to participate, to ask questions about the Eucharist and to encounter Christ as the Blessed Sacrament is brought to them directly on the streets.
The Eucharist will be displayed, reminding us that Jesus radiates His love and grace out into the world and into our lives. Incense symbolizes our prayers rising up to God. The processional canopy makes a sacred space, covering the Eucharist as we walk through Freeland.

Everyone is invited to St Agnes Catholic Church on June 2nd.  As an extension of the 9:30 mass, we will walk from St Agnes, down Johnson to Smith Street, then down First Street to Isabella Bank.  There we will have our first Station, where the blessed sacrament will be placed, prayers will be said, and blessings given.  We will walk back to St Agnes back along 2nd Street.  We will have a second Station at St Agnes.  This journey reminds us of our spiritual journey toward eternal life with God. 

Everyone is invited to join us on Sunday, June 2nd at 9:30 for mass or after mass at 10:30 at St Agnes at 300 Johnson Street and along the streets of Freeland!