Healing after Abortion - You are not Alone

At the end of the papal encyclical The Gospel of Life, Pope John Paul II lovingly addressed women who have had an abortion. Here is what he had to say. 

The Catholic Church has been at the forefront in offering hope for healing and reconciliation from the pain of an abortion experience. Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard are faith-based programs created by the church to provide love, mercy and healing. 

Individual Post-Abortion Support Through Project Rachel

The Rachel Project provides individual post-abortion counseling and is available with a specially trained member of the church or a licensed social worker. Meetings have a prayerful atmosphere of respect and sensitivity, in which healing and forgiveness may be found. Contact us for more information or to arrange for counseling.

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats

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A Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat is for any woman, man, couple, grandparent or sibling who struggles with the emotional or spiritual pain of abortion. This retreat provides participants an opportunity to enter the grieving process, identify the effects of the abortion and release deep feelings of anger, shame and guilt that frequently accompany an abortion experience.

This unique retreat process is specifically designed to help individuals experience the gentleness, mercy and compassion of Jesus, as they walk the journey from pain to forgiveness. Participants spiritually reconnect with the children who have been aborted and provide them honor and dignity through special exercises and a memorial service. The retreat helps participants to journey through their grief, while allowing God to transform their experience into one that brings hope, forgiveness and peace. 

All contacts and registration are strictly private. All inquiries will be answered confidentially. For more information about this retreat or if you are interested in attending a retreat, visit Rachel's Vineyard