Diocese Cooperates with Michigan Attorney General Investigation

The Diocese of Saginaw continues to cooperate with the Michigan Attorney General’s statewide investigation. 

As part of this ongoing investigation, a search warrant was served this morning, Oct. 3, at approximately 9 a.m. at the diocesan center, 5800 Weiss St., in Saginaw. Some diocesan staff members remained onsite throughout the day to assist investigators in locating the files they were seeking. 

We remain grateful for the attorney general's decision to be involved. 

The diocese is confident in the policies & procedures it has put in place and carefully followed for over 15 years. Moreover, it is committed to taking additional measures, which may be suggested by law enforcement, in order to better protect children and vulnerable adults. 

Additionally, it is our sincere hope that the investigation, which will go back to 1950, will be another step toward healing for victim-survivors.

We are thankful for the professionalism with which the warrant was executed, today, as well as the acknowledgment by the attorney general’s office of our desire to cooperate. Our cooperation, the attorney general’s office said, is appreciated. 

The Diocese is grateful for the work of law enforcement, and will continue to cooperate fully and meet all requests.

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