Ronald Dombrowski given a life of prayer and penance

Today Bishop Robert Gruss, Bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw, transferred the name of Ronald [Father Ron] Dombrowski from the diocesan website's list of clergy with an allegation of child sexual abuse to the list of clergy permanently removed from ministry. Following communication with Ronald Dombrowski, the Diocese of Saginaw has released the following statement.  

Ronald [Father Ron] Dombrowski will live a life of prayer and penance after being removed from public ministry more than three years ago. His name will be listed on the diocesan website among those who have been permanently removed from ministry due to allegations of sexual abuse involving minors.

On February 28, 2018, the Diocese of Saginaw received an allegation of sexual abuse involving a minor against Ronald Dombrowski, a priest of the Diocese of Saginaw, dating from his early years of ministry. Ronald Dombrowski was placed on administrative leave and prohibited from engaging in public ministry. Two additional allegations were subsequently received.

The Diocese followed its established protocols including notifying civil authorities, conducting an independent investigation, and bringing the case to the Diocesan Review Board. Ronald Dombrowski stated he could not recall what might have happened more than 40 years ago and communicated his willingness to lead a life of prayer and penance. Having consulted with the Holy See, Bishop Gruss permanently restricted Ronald Dombrowski’s ministry.  

A life of prayer and penance includes a permanent condition that Ronald Dombrowski may not exercise public ministry and is instructed not to wear clerical garb and to present himself publicly as a priest. 

Bishop Gruss today offered the following statement:

My prayers remain with any and all who have suffered sexual abuse by clergy, especially minors and vulnerable adults. As we know, the pain runs deep and the wounds are easily reopened. I hope and pray that resolution in this case will be a step toward healing for all involved, and I ask for your continued prayers for all victims of abuse. Those, including clergy, whose actions have injured others, must be held accountable.

To report allegations of abuse or misconduct within the Diocese of Saginaw, contact local law enforcement or the Michigan Attorney General at 844-324-3374.